Monday, August 9, 2010

Introduction Ideas

I have now deleted the whole two posts that were on this blog because they were neither interesting, nor well written. I have been tossing up whether to do a "This is who I am" type blog to introduce myself.

On one hand I think that sometimes they can be boring but on the other I think that it's good to know at least a little about the person blogging. So I compromised with myself and decided I would give you an introductory blog, but in note form. Here we go.

- Seventeen years old
- Live in Australia
- Studying Music at University
- Singer
- Actor
- Believer in Jesus
- Youtuber
- Nerdfighter
- Aunt
- Sister
- Internet addict
- Musical Lover
- Maybe note form wasn't such a good idea
- I think maybe you'll get to know me by my blogs better than I can explain here anyway
- I think I'll stop this now
- I lied
- Okay, now I will stop.
- NOW.

Something more interesting to come later.

Bye for now!

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