Saturday, August 14, 2010

Truman Trauma

I don't know what triggered this memory...

I used to have this weird irrational fear about my life being like the Truman show. That nothing is real and that everyone is watching my every move for entertainment. I've actually thought about it a lot. Especially when I was younger. Some  Most  All of the theories I had make very little sense and I can only remember a few, but here they are anyway, just for your enjoyment!  

Even though I have traveled across the world I came up with the idea that the further away a place is, is dependent on how different the place is from Toowoomba. So when I went to Bangladesh because it is very different it took a lot longer than when I went to New Zealand which is fairly similar. That would give the people who build the set a long enough time to change it.

The theory that the time when  I am silliest is when I'm looking in the mirror and that's where the camera is. I was somehow raised to behave strangely in front of the mirror. I was brain washed by watching the episode of Mr Bean when he's in the interrogation room and behaves strangely infront of the mirror too many times

It's why my parents would never let me go out in the ocean too far. I would run into that screen thing that's in the movie. I thought this even though they managed to fit in all of Australia. 

The viewers wanted to have a brilliantly named character is why I have a name that almost rhymes. Tara Parker... Para. I was young, okay?

That is all the theories I can remember. I think for a while I was convinced it could be true. I do think about this every now and then. Like tonight. 

Tata all!

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  1. Oh! I used to wonder if everyone around me were aliens as I was either the last or one of the last human beings alive!

    But you are seriously the worst person they could have picked for a Truman-style-show: you travel so much!

    P.S. Buy Slurm!